ClearEdge Apache Hadoop™ Developer Certification

ClearEdge awards certifications to those who ensure they have obtained the practical skills needed to use Java in the Apache Hadoop™ framework by passing a written examination.


The student must have completed the ClearEdge Apache Hadoop™ for Programmers course in the prior six-months in order to be eligible to take the ClearEdge Apache Hadoop™ Developer Certification.


The cost of taking the certification the first time is included in the cost of the ClearEdge Apache Hadoop™ for Programmers course. Additional testing will be charged an additional fee. Please contact the Training Department for costing information at

Certification Overview

An exam is administered to ensure that students can recall the necessary skills to write and run Apache Hadoop™ jobs.

Students are tested on:

Certifications are subject to revocation. Please contact the Training Department for additional certification details at

Additional Information

Seats are limited and are filled on a first-come, first served basis. ClearEdge Apache Hadoop™ for Programmer students are guaranteed a seat in the testing immediately following their course.

If you are re-certifying or re-testing, your registration will be confirmed and a seat will be guaranteed only after payment is received.

Payment is accepted via a valid purchase order, PayPal (for credit cards) or check and must be received prior to class start.

Each class session begins promptly, so it is important to arrive ahead of the scheduled class time.