Core Capabilities

Software Engineering

  • Enterprise Java development
  • Web-based application, front-end, and GUI development
  • RESTful Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Practitioners of Agile methodologies, with certified ScrumMasters
  • Experts at executing rapid prototyping projects
  • Real-world DevOps experience
  • Experienced software development managers

Big Data & Cloud

  • Deployment, administration, development, and integration of:
    • Hadoop and Hadoop ecosystem components
    • Accumulo
    • MPP databases
    • Commercially-available Big Data platforms and solutions
  • Data flow, and data ingest for high-velocity streams of data
  • Experienced deploying applications to virtualized environments

Data Analytics

  • All aspects of data science:
    • Data exploration
    • Reporting
    • Machine learning
    • Predictive analytics
    • Model building
    • Presentation
  • Streaming, time series, and graph analytics
  • Navigating data provenance and legal compliance

Data & Analytic Visualization

  • All aspects of data visualization:
    • Exploratory data visualization
    • Information design
    • Interactive data-driven visualization
    • Overcoming information overload
  • User interface design
  • Human factors and user experience
  • Accessibility compliance